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You can find us at Ring 35, 2200 Noorderwijk. Noorderwijk is a district of Herentals, located in Belgium, between Antwerp and Hasselt. Birkenshop is easily accessible by motorway (E313). Opening hours are as follows:

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All about Birkenstocks

How do you keep your Birkenstocks in good condition?

Clean the footbed with a damp cloth every three weeks and let your Birkenstocks dry overnight.

Do you suffer from sweaty feet and odours? Disinfect and clean the footbed regularly with a cloth dampened with Dettol. Always let your Birkenstocks dry thoroughly after moistening the sole. Do not place them near a heat source or in the sun while they are drying.

Unfortunately you cannot prevent the footbed from turning black. The combination of moisture (sweat) and dirt is the cause.

How do you keep your Birkenstock footbed clean?

Remove heavy dirt with the Suede Shoe Brush.

Scrub the footbed firmly with the Collonil Cleaner Stick.

Apply Collonil Clean & Care to the Carbon Cleaning Brush and clean the footbed in a circular motion.

Allow the Birkenstocks to dry for 30 to 60 minutes.

Scrub the footbed firmly with the Collonil Cleaner Stick again.

Remove the remaining dirt by brushing the footbed with the Nature Crepe Brush.

Through this link, you can see a video that shows you how to refresh your Birkenstocks.

Most Birkenstocks are not water resistant. This has to do with the cork footbed, which absorbs water. 

However, besides the original Birkenstocks, Birkenstock also has waterproof clogs, shoes, slippers and sandals in their collection. These are made of EVA, an ultra-light, extremely flexible, skin-friendly synthetic material.

Since 2018 Birkenstock has offered a vegan collection. They do not contain any animal substances or chrome and consist solely of sustainable materials. 

The name is always printed on the buckles, on the inside of the footbed and on the sole. Birkenstocks also have a typical print of bones on the soles of the feet. Can you see no name on your slipper or sandal? Then you are dealing with fake Birkenstocks. 

The orthopaedic Birkenstock footbed is designed to correct your posture. If you do not walk or stand correctly, the Birkenstock footbed ensures you do. This allows your back muscles to relax, relieving your back pain.

Flip-flops offer insufficient support, do not correct the position of the foot and do not absorb shocks as well. 

Birkenstocks on the other hand, are known for their optimal support.

Birko-Flor is a synthetic and durable material made of soft acrylic and polyamide felt fibres. It is a highly animal-friendly and budget-friendly alternative to leather and has several unique properties. On the other hand, leather is an authentic quality material with a long lifespan.

Birkenstocks are manufactured from various sustainable and natural materials such as cork, natural latex, Birko-Flor and leather.

Birkenstock was founded in 1774 by Johann Adam Birkenstock. Since then, Birkenstock has become the global benchmark for ergonomic comfort in footwear. 

Birkenstock purchasing guide

Birkenstocks are usually one size bigger than other shoes. That is why it is important to measure your foot length. Below you will find a handy table that converts your foot length (mm) into the perfect Birkenstock shoe size.

Have your foot circumference marked in a standing position. Measure the length from the heel to the longest toe in millimetres.

12794840 1651217331801784 1683011400847029251 o

Birkenstock has developed two width sizes:

  1. Narrow footbed: this is our standard size for slippers, meaning Birkenstocks without a piece between the toes. This size is shown on the box with a coloured foot.
  2. Wide footbed: this is the size we use for the flip flops and all other Birkenstocks with a piece between the toes for adults. This size is shown on the box with an outlined foot.

Exceptionally, we have models that differ from this. The width size is clearly stated in the name of the shoe and in the specifications. 

The children’s collection always has a narrow footbed. If you have extremely narrow feet, be sure to take a look at the kids collection.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of doubt.

The Birkenstock footbed is based on the anatomy of the foot and ensures that the weight of the body is distributed across the entire sole of the foot. For particularly sensitive feet, Birkenstock offers certain models with an integrated soft footbed.

In the soft footbed, a layer of foam is added to the natural latex, jute and resilient cork of the classic Birkenstock footbed. This bubble layer is resilient and retains its original shape perfectly. This allows Birkenstock to guarantee a permanently soft, shock-absorbing foot sole. This sole is also finished with a pleasantly soft suede cover. The soft footbed can be recognised by the blue instead of yellow print on the sole.

Make sure that your foot does not touch the raised edge of the sole.

Birkenstocks with a soft footbed are slightly smaller than the classic Birkenstocks. 

We have two widths: narrow and wide. The narrow sole is always the standard size for slippers and house slippers. The wide sole is the standard size for flip-flops. We only recommend the wide sole (normal) slippers for extremely wide feet.

The footbed has remained unchanged. So, once a size 39, always a 39!  If you wear thick socks in your slippers during the winter, make sure you buy a size bigger.

The first days the footbed can feel strange. Give your feet the chance to get used to your new Birkenstocks. Alternate the first few days with other shoes and be sure to keep going!

Do you have any questions? You can always come to our sales point in Noorderwijk to try them on or ask for advice by telephone, e-mail or livechat.

At Birkenstock, there is no specific distinction between men’s and women’s shoes. There is no difference between shoe sizes and widths. 

Of course, certain models have a more masculine or feminine touch. So choose a model that suits you and that you like! 

It is important to break in your Birkenstocks before you go out for a whole day. How long it takes to break in your Birkenstocks is best decided by yourself. Start, for example, with a quarter or half an hour indoors. If that goes well, keep it up a bit longer. This way, your feet will slowly get used to the orthopaedic footbed.